Game Modes

Capture the Flag- RESPAWN or ELIMINATION


Accuracy Shootout


Barricade Blitz

And many more! 

These will be described thoroughly by an EFDL referee before a round begins. 

Humans vs. Zombies


Required Equipment

Eye protection




Rules of Engagement

No pointing or firing at head

Accidental head shots count, wear glasses at all times

Blaster hit counts as hit

No darts fired before play begins

No darts fired after play is whistled dead

No barricades may be kicked over/moved as cover or otherwise

No talking while game mode being explained

No fighting or throwing objects not approved for play

Eye protection is required at all times on the playing field

Penalties for Violating Rules

1st offense sit out one game

2nd offense ejection from play

No refunds

After Completion of Play

All ammo is dropped in designated place

All ammo is removed from pockets and carry cases/bags

Those firing after play has stopped may have to serve penalty next round of play

Blasters returned to designated place

Any breakage must be reported

Pinneys and safety glasses returned to designated place